Welcome to Antion Consulting

Our Mission and Passion : Providing guidance and support to the leaders and managers of developing businesses.


The rate of change in the modern business world presents ever increasing challenges, but the fundamental principles of leadership and management remain the foundation of sustainable success.


Your business may not have all of the experience needed to take the next step. You may be about to implement a challenging strategic plan, need to raise the performance of your managers or energise and align the workforce. You must significantly improve profitability or efficiency, seek additional finance, reorganise or restructure, or perhaps prepare for an acquisition, disposal or management buy out.

This is where Antion Consulting can provide experience based and effective support.


Our business philosophy focuses on

•    clarity and simplicity of vision

•    enhancing team performance

•    identifying root causes of problems

    providing "out of the box" solutions

•    celebrating success


Hamburg based, Antion Consulting is supported by an extensive international network of business contacts and affiliates, providing a breadth of experience that is equipped to respond to your business needs.