Business Turnaround : Essential Principles - 1 Day

A loss making business is often in a challenged state following decisions that have not proven to match the market and / or internal needs. In such cases, a significantly changed leadership and management approach is necessary.


The presenter has successfully lead a number of business turnarounds, and uses his practical experience combined with wisdom from experts such as Slatter, Lovett, Barlow and Sutton, to present the essential principles of business turnaround that are common to most situations.


The 1 Day course commences with the Diversity Icebreaker®, which helps the participants to get to know each other and form balanced teams, and continues with workshops using case studies based on real life turnaround cases. The day concludes with a presentation that summarises they key issues to prioritise in turnaround cases and provides a checklist for future reference. Discussion and debate is encouraged throughout the day - business turnaround is more art than a science, and there are always different perspectives that are worthy of consideration.


The training is delivered in English, and a Certificate of Attendance is provided at the conclusion.