Management : Theories and Application -  1/2 Day

There are many books and articles written about leadership and management - it can be hard for the developing manager to know where to start, and which advice and guidance to follow.

This 1/2 day training summarises the main ideas and concepts developed by the most respected management theorists, including Drucker, Handy, Adair, Berne, Covey, Blanchard, Whitmore, Tuckman, French & Raven and others, inviting group discussion on their modern relevance and value, with the presenter providing insights drawn from over 20 years of practical experience.

Comments from prior attendees:

"Great overview of the main and most respected management theories. I enjoyed the debate and discussion around their relevance and usefulness, and that helped me identify those that suit my personal style and needs".

International Finance Director

The training is delivered in English and a Certificate of Attendance is presented at the conclusion.


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